Hey! I’m Megan

A professional blogger and former magazine editor with a fondness for travel, podcasts, and big ideas

A product of the Mountain West, I moved to New York City in November 2010 with the cliché suitcase full of dreams and a few dollars in my pocket (my first apartment was perched over a gas station on 106th and 1st). A few days later, I started as an editorial assistant at one of the nation’s most circulated magazines.

Hey, if I could make it there, I could make it anywhere, right?

After a couple years in Manhattan, I was offered the top job at Marriott Alumni Magazine and spent four years cranking out stories on NASA analysts, autism activists, Abu Ghraib prison, CEOs, and lighter fare on estate planning, holiday helps, and dieting tips.

When I wasn’t running editorial committee meetings, I found time to marry my husband, buy a house, and birth a beautiful baby. Currently I blog for a L.A.-based tech company during the week. On the weekends you can find me here at Lede Time.